Argo: ADMT 21 (virtual) has ended
The Argo Data Management Team (ADMT) Meeting is a time for the data managers who contribute to international Argo to come together and discuss technical matters pertaining to the Argo data stream. The 21st Argo Data Management Team meeting will be hosted virtually during the week of 29 November – 4 December 2020.

This online schedule is provided as a convenience for all three meetings:
  1. DAC (part 1)
  2. BCG-Argo
  3. ADMT
Friday, December 4 • 13:00 - 14:00
Format updates by file type

  • Trajectory files:  combining c- and b- trajectory files:  v3.2 (H. Bittig) (15 min)  - presentation
    • Action 24 & update to GROUNDED Ref Table (10 min)
  • QC flag table: Revised comments, NB_SAMPLE_<short_sensor_name>, TEMP_CNDC (A. Wong, H. Bittig) (5 min) - presentation
  • Tech files:  how to store time series in tech files (T. Carval) (15 min) - presentation - Action 26
  • Prof files:  there are small changes beginning to be requested for the profile files such as replacing ‘sea_water_salinity’ by ‘sea_water_practical_salinity’ T. Carval) - presentation - (Action 27). Propose a strategy for ADMT to keep track of these items & when enough are present, do a format change
  • Meta files: battery meta data updates (M. Scanderbeg) (5 min) - presentation (link coming soon)
Argo Float Android App (G. Maze)

avatar for Annie Wong

Annie Wong

Research Scientist, University of Washington
avatar for Thierry Carval

Thierry Carval

Information Systems Engineer, IFREMER
avatar for Megan Scanderbeg

Megan Scanderbeg

ADMT Co-Chair, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
avatar for Guillame Maze

Guillame Maze

Physical Oceanographer, IFREMER
avatar for Sylvie Pouliquen

Sylvie Pouliquen


Friday December 4, 2020 13:00 - 14:00 UTC
Online (via Zoom)