Gateway to Space 2020 has ended
“As long as we are a single-planet species, we are vulnerable to extinction by a planet-wide catastrophe, natural or self-induced. Once we become a multi-planet species, our chances to live long and prosper will take a huge leap skyward.”  – David Grinspoon

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We have breakout sessions on Saturday. Please indicate your preference by completing this survey: https://bit.ly/GtSBreakOutSurvey

Saturday December 12, 2020 12:25pm - 1:25pm CST
The future will present many challenges for humankind that the Global Alliance for International Collaboration in Space (GALIX) hopes to address (in partnership with space professionals worldwide) by both enabling more effective exchange of information among key space professionals and expanding international collaborative ventures. These key space challenges include:
  • Promoting peaceful uses of outer space.
  • Preventing national conflicts in the space domain.
  • Education and training of future generations required for development in outer space.
  • Increased global participation, collaboration, and capacity-building to encourage all nations to engage in this most promising future.
  • Creation of new space systems and technologies to help sustain life on Earth, as well as to advance a broad range of space services.
  • Innovative economic, legal, and regulatory protocols, safety standards, and cooperative alliances that can advance space development over the coming years.
GALIX is being established to enable all countries of the world — both developed and developing — to more effectively pursue and realize the benefits of space. This will involve establishing new institutional, financial, and regulatory practices to help advance collaboration in the development of new space technologies and systems that can benefit all of humankind. GALIX will promote the discovery of new space applications, sciences, and exploration, including new ways to use space that can make Earth more sustainable. It is seeking to work with all like-minded space institutions — space agencies, space research organizations, universities and training centers, aerospace companies, international alliances and professional organizations, and even student-based associations — to promote the sharing of space-related information, technology, and systems. This will include promoting worldwide development and distribution of space technologies, systems, standards, best safety practices, and educational and training materials on a cooperative basis.
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Jim Crisafulli

Global Alliance for International Collaboration in Space (GALIX)
A native of Los Angeles, Jim Crisafulli pursued joint undergraduate studies in Physics and Zoology at Harvey Mudd College and Pomona College in Claremont, California. Following a two-year assignment with the Peace Corps as a secondary school physics teacher in Fiji, he returned to... Read More →
Saturday December 12, 2020 12:25pm - 1:25pm CST
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