Effective government communication requires a solid foundation in ethics. Today’s communicators must navigate changes in the political landscape, organizational changes and administration initiatives while providing the public they serve with essential information. Ensuring those communications best serve the public, are devoid of political rhetoric, and above all else are anchored by the truth, are among the many key roles career government communicators must fulfill.

In addition to ethical communications, it seems today that our world is simultaneously on fire, flooding, and experiencing drought. Cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, and security breaches are just part of everyday news. Abuse of power, critical deadly force incidents, mass casualty events, and a pandemic are all in the mix as well. The information and physical environments are more than primed for crisis, and chances are very good that a government communicator will have to execute their agency’s crisis communication plan.

Participants will learn how to develop:
  • An all-hazards crisis communication messaging outline.
  • A foundation and framework for acting ethically in government communications.
  • Strategies for maintaining reputation management through ethical government communication.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Day One of the NAGC Ethics and Crisis Communications Workshop will focus on helping you serve as the true north for your agency’s communications and will examine challenges faced by communicators in day-to-day and high-profile events and the need, particularly in today’s hyper-partisan, highly divided information environment, for ethical communications that build trust and confidence while advancing transparency and accountability.

Wednesday , October 12, 2022
Day Two of the NAGC Ethics and Crisis Communications Workshop will focus on crisis communication from both the pre-event planning perspective, but also from the tactical how to operate during the event perspective. This day will expertly blend theory with practice and will provide attendees with tools to operate in the most austere or information saturated crisis environments.
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